About Kathmandu Nepalese Cuisine

Kathmandu Nepalese Cuisine

With a taste of rich, culinary heritage, the Kathmandu Nepalese Cuisine has been painstakingly gathered from the royal kitchens of Nepal. These recipes offer a truly delightful Nepalese food experience.

The Kathmandu Nepalese Cuisine offers such authentic food from the Himalayan region that you may get completely lost in the fresh herbs and spices. Let the aromas of cardamom and cumin take you tothe land of the tallest mountains in the world. Enjoy the panorama photographs of the Himalaya as you savor the flavors of Nepal.

While gazing at the Buddha eyes, don't forget to order plenty of garlic naan to accompany your favorite dish. And, for the perfect pleasure on your pallet, choose to go extra spicy or mellow and mild on any selection from the menu! Whether it's a tall lassi, a bottle of beer, or a glass of wine to wash it all down, we have it all, including selections from Nepal and India.

Kathmandu Nepalese Cuisine is here to bring a new taste in town. With unique Nepalese cuisine that will have your taste buds dancing and your appetite wanting more, you will find yourself organizing your next meal with friends before you have even finished your meal.

At Kathmandu, we believe in truly authentic, ethnic cuisine. Our chefs, and most of the staff, are from Nepal and have enormous enthusiasm for producing great Nepali food. Add our passion for cooking to a restaurant with fantastic service and a brilliant atmosphere, and you have recipe for success. Visit now to see what all the fuss is about!.