Best Nepalese Cuisine In London

Kathmandu Nepalese Cuisine

Kathmandu Nepalese Cuisine

Many Nepalese restaurants claim to serve Nepalese cuisine. We are confident when you try our flavours you will tell a distinctive difference in spices and flavour. True Nepalese flavour from the Valleys of native Nepal.

Situated in Northfields Avenue. We are are amongst quite a few Nepalese & Indian restaurants. We are going to say something out of the norm in restaurant terms. We implore you to try each one of these restaurants. Once you have done this, you must then try Kathmandu. Read More

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Kathmandu Nepalese Cuisine is here to bring a new taste in town. With unique Nepalese cuisine that will have your taste buds dancing and your appetite wanting more, you will find yourself organising your next meal with friends before you have even finished your meal.

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